Career Center and Alumni Association Services and Programs

In addition to services and programs designed to address the needs of individuals, WayFinders Careers has also developed suites of offerings created to supplement and/or complement the career management services delivered to alumni via a Campus Career Services Center or Alumni Associations.

Presentations and Workshops

WayFinders Careers offers the following presentations and workshops delivered on-site or virtually, designed for experienced professionals and recent college graduates. Additional presentations and workshops can be developed and delivered upon request. NOTE: Most sessions can also be delivered as webinars.

Landing Your Next Job: A Road Map

This workshop reviews the big picture of the job search process and focuses on the starting point of the job search process – your strengths. Through assessments, you will identify your strengths to provide data for the job search documents (resumes and letters) and create the theme for your search. WayFinders workshops feature insights from consultants who have hired hundreds of professionals.

Resumes That Work

The resume is your marketing brochure. Come to the session ready to work. You will learn how to develop powerful accomplishment statements, determine the appropriate resume format the appropriate message delivery in the best light possible. Bring your current version(s).

Networking – Making Connections

Companies don’t hire people, people hire people. Create your network. Learn how to overcome the challenges of meeting people and how to present yourself in a positive manner. The goal is to overcome the anxiety of vulnerability and create your marketing statement and networking strategy.

The Interview

Learn about the different types of interviews now in use. The interview is your opportunity to tell how you can contribute to the success of the organization, and detail the features, advantages and benefits you bring to the party. Develop your script to make certain your strengths are presented effectively. Understand that the interview is a two way street, learn how to prepare, how to sell yourself and how to close.

Offer Negotiations

You have the offer, should you negotiate some details? This phase of the hiring process provides a forum to present conditions that are important to you. Employers expect some negotiating as it is the first step in what both you and the employer want in a long term relationship. This workshop will address the important strategies and tactics you will need to effectively negotiate the best possible offer.


Leveraging the latest in webinar technology, these 60 – 90 minute sessions can accommodate both small, intimate audiences and very large groups of up to 500 geographically dispersed around the globe. These webinars can be delivered as stand-alone session or as an integrated series.

The Job Search Campaign “Road Map” | There is No Recipe!

Developing and implementing an effective and successful job search campaign requires focus, discipline and a mindful self-awareness of who you are, what you offer, what you seek, and where the opportunities to fulfill that aspiration reside. This webinar will introduce you to “The Road Map” for search campaign success. It’s not a recipe; it’s an approach.

Leveraging Social Media in Your Job Search Campaign

The Social Media ecosystem continues to grow and evolve. And with that growth comes more and more opportunities for both candidates for employment and those seeking to employ them to integrate these tools into their search strategies and tactics. This interactive session will introduce you to the evolving features and functionality of the dominant social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) used in the employment search campaign. It will enable you to strengthen your online presence/brand and further capitalize on your virtual network connectivity and visibility.

Tuning up Your Job Search Campaign Tool Kit | What’s Under the Hood?

When you want to get from one location to another destination it helps to make sure that the vehicle taking you there is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. In this webinar we’ll take a look “under the hood” and review some of the key components and tools used in the job search campaign and help you understand how to tune them up, including:

  • Self-Assessments
  • Resumes
  • Cover Communications
  • 30 second elevator pitches
  • Two minute “Tell Me About Yourself” responses
  • “What Do You Want to Do? responses

Search Campaign Networking | Building and Leveraging Collective Intelligence and Generosity

It’s not necessarily who you know; it’s “who who you know knows” AND what they know! Building, nurturing and capitalizing on the collective intelligence and generosity that exists in your ever expanding community of contacts is critical to the success of your employment search campaign. This webinar will provide you with insights, tips and tricks on how to generate the visibility, connectivity and accessibility needed to gain the undivided attention of key influencers and hiring managers.

Rocking the Interview | Becoming a REALLY Good Story Teller and Eliminating the Competition

Far too often candidates for employment allow the very thought of an interview (let alone a gauntlet of interviews) intimidate them. We treat them as inquisitions and cross examinations rather than what they really are – conversations and story time. In this webinar we’ll highlight some of the key strategies and tactics you can “employ” to nail interviews the first time and every time!

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