Job Search Links & Resources

There are thousands of job boards, job search engines and job search resources out on the web. Many are very effective; many are not! Following are some recommendations of useful sites.

Job Search Engines – Aggregators

  • – SimplyHired: a premier meta-search engine that aggregates posting from multiple sources. It also has a really interesting and useful partnership with LinkedIn. There are additional add-on apps for social media.
  • – Indeed: The original and largest! Another very useful meta-search engine
  • – LinkUp: Aggregates only from company websites
  • – CareerJet: Very similar to Indeed.
  • – FlipDog: An effective job board “scrubber”

Job Boards – General

Job Boards – Government

  • – USAJOBS: The federal government’s official job search site.

Job Boards – Temporary

Job Boards – Technical/IT

  • – DICE: The “go-to” board for technical opportunities
  • – Kit List – Kit Tech: Kit List also has a tech board

Job Boards – Finance, Accounting and Banking

Job Boards – Executive

Job Boards – Biotechnology/Life Sciences/Pharma

Job Boards – Start-ups/Early Stage/Venture-backed

Job Boards – Non-Profit/Philanthropic/”Encore”

Job Boards – Niche 

Search Management Tools

  • – JibberJobber: A popular tool for managing every aspect and stage of your search campaign

Resume and Cover Letter Resources