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Following are the slide decks from a selection of some of our most popular webinars:

Job Search 2019 | When You Change the Way You Look at Things the Things You Look at Change!

The search for new employment – whether voluntary or involuntary – can be a frustrating, tedious and discouraging undertaking. There are numerous books, websites and resources that one can turn to in search for counsel and guidance. But most simply represent a repackaging of fairly standard strategies, tactics and tools that at best have been enhanced by the integration of technical innovations and the emergence of social media platforms.

The success (or failure) in the search for meaningful work is not dependent so much on what strategies, tactics, tools and techniques one uses, but on how they are used and applied; particularly when viewing the process from a different perspective and in a different framework.

This webinar will enable you to:

  • view the job search and career management processes in an entirely different way;
  • walk away with a greater appreciation for the nuances and subtleties that exist in the search process and how to capitalize on them
  • and better understand how to combine and utilize the existing tools, strategies and tactics in creative, resourceful and, in some cases, unconventional ways.

Tuning up Your Job Search Campaign Tool Kit | What’s Under the Hood?

When you want to get from one location to another destination it helps to make sure that the vehicle taking you there is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. In this webinar we’ll take a look “under the hood” and review some of the key components and tools used in the job search campaign and help you understand how to tune them up, including:

Tuning up Your Job Search Campaign Tool Kit – What’s Under the Hood?

  • Self-Assessments
  • Resumes
  • Cover Communications
  • 30 second elevator pitches
  • Two minute “Tell Me About Yourself”  responses
  • “What Do You Want to Do? responses

The Search Campaign “Road Map” | There is No Recipe!

Developing and implementing an effective and successful job search campaign requires focus, discipline and a mindful self-awareness of who you are, what you offer, what you seek, and where the opportunities to fulfill that aspiration resides. This webinar will introduce you to “The Road Map” for search campaign success. It’s not a recipe; it’s an approach.