UCSB Career Consultation Services



In partnership with UCSB Career Services, WayFinders Careers offers the following career consultation services to UCSB alumni at discounted rates.

General Overview

Service programs are available to individuals seeking assistance in any of the following areas:

  • Job Search: Individuals engaged in, or considering launching, a job search campaign are generally clear on who they are within the context of work, what roles they play exceptionally well, what skills and capabilities they possess, and what their search goals and objectives are. These situations are generally self- initiated. Supporting individuals in a search campaign involves a combination of both tactical and strategic steps that can include, but are not limited to: skills assessment and inventory, resume and related self-marketing materials development/refinement, employer targeting and market segmentation, job search strategy development and execution, social media strategy development and integration, interview skills training, evaluating job offers and offer negotiation training.
  • Career Transition: A series of integrated steps, chosen by the participant that may include accepting change & uncertainty, skills assessment, transferable skills identification, re-education, resume and related self-marketing materials development, job search strategy development and execution, interview skills training, job offer evaluation and negotiation (i.e., many of the same steps used in a Job Search campaign).
  • Career Design: Career paths pursued may be more by default than intent. Career design addresses integrating many of the steps used in the career transition and management modules to set participants on a logical, purposeful path.
  • Career Management: Individuals seeking career management support are generally clear on their work life identity and seek ongoing support, counsel and guidance in identifying and implementing career activities that cause change for the purpose of long-term growth.
  • Career Re-entry: Re-entry mode is generally for participants who took time off from the workforce completely and now desire to engage in part- or full-time employment. Steps can include skills refreshment, understanding current job market realities, considering alternative career paths, identifying and addressing barriers to re-entry.
  • Graduate School Evaluation and Application: For many, enrolling in a graduate program is a strong consideration. Support is provided in clarifying goals and objectives, identifying program selection criteria, evaluating and selecting programs, and initiating and managing the application process.

Programs are available in 90 minute (limited to a one-time purchase), Three and Five hour packages.


Process Overview

Phase 1: Intake, Orientation and Needs Assessment
Phase 2: Goals Development
Phase 3: Action Plan Development, Implementation and Ongoing Support
Phase 4: Program Completion and Wrap-up

Resources Overview

1:1 Consulting

  • Consulting sessions are delivered virtually or in-person by a qualified consultant whose background and experience is aligned with the needs of the program participant
  • Consulting sessions are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the consultant and program participant.
  • The frequency and duration of consulting sessions are determined by mutual agreement of the consultant and program participant

WayFinders Career Management Guide and Workbook

  • For applicable programs, a proprietary WayFinders Career Management Guide and Workbook is provided to each program participant.
  • The Guide and Workbook is divided into sections containing information, self-assessments and exercises designed to support and augment the guidance provided during the 1:1 consulting sessions, as well as to assist the program participant in self-managing their progress toward achieving desired program goals

Web-based Career Assessment Instruments

  • Depending on the program participant’s needs and objectives, appropriate web-based assessments may be recommended and assigned for completion.
  • When assigned and completed, an interpretation of the assessment results will be provided by a consultant certified to do so for that particular instrument. NOTE: Assessment results interpretation and guidance is counted against program service time.

The Fine Print

Program Participant (“Client”) Responsibilities

  • Disclosure of Accurate Information: In order to provide Services under this Agreement, WayFinder’s Careers requires that the program participant (hereafter referred to as “Client”) disclose certain general and Confidential Information to Consultant. Client agrees to provide any general or Confidential Information that Consultant may reasonably require and necessary to complete the Services. Additionally, Client agrees that any general or Confidential Information provided to Consultant will be truthful and accurate to the best of Client’s knowledge and belief.
  • Completion of Assignments: Services provided by Consultant will require Client’s full participation and involvement and from time-to-time Client will be required to complete assignments related to the Services. Client agrees to complete any and all assignments assigned by Consultant in a timely manner, mutually agreed upon between the Client and the Consultant.

Consultant Responsibilities

  • Performance of Services: WayFinders Careers agrees that selected program services will be delivered to the Client by a qualified consultant in a professional manner and timely fashion.
  • Confidentiality: WayFinders Careers acknowledges that program services delivered under this Agreement rely on the Client’s disclosure of certain confidential information of a personal or private nature or confidential information that may relate to, or affect the Client’s employment circumstances or future employment opportunities (“Client’s Confidential Information”). WayFinders Careers agrees to use all commercially reasonable efforts to protect Client’s Confidential Information and further agrees not to disclose Client’s Confidential Information to any third party without the Client’s prior written consent.

Contact Us

We also invite you to contact WayFinders Careers directly to talk with a partner and discuss our program offerings. WayFinders Careers: (510) 523-6500; email: services@wayfinderscareers.com